Monday, 20 August 2007

Mini Album Continues

'Because I am 4, who needs a reason to dress up'

By now you will have realised that there is another theme throughout this album and that is the journalling. Journalling can be a real stumbling block and when you are making an entire album in a few days, steamlining your journalling can help. Each of my pages starts with the statement 'Because I am 4' and this statement is finished with the featured photos in mind.

Images © Stampin' Up! 1990 - 2007

'Because I am 4, I like to experiment tasting lemons'

Lucky I caught this shot on camera, because I don't think Ben will be doing this anytime soon! I remember going to Primary School with a boy who regularly sucked lemons and he was a bit weird! So glad Ben decided the taste did not live up to his expectations! Notice in this double page that I have used the spiral punch in the top left and bottom right edges to draw your eyes diagonally accross the page.

Images © Stampin' Up! 1990 - 2007

'Because I am 4, I am super cute'

'Because I am 4, I pick up every stick I find'

So, not every page must be a double page. Colourwise, I thought these 2 pages compatible so have paired them up. Note to self - next album, I think I will use black ink for the alphabet stramps in the little grey boxes cut with the Fiskars mini square punch. You can actually see them in real life with grey on grey - something to think about.

Images © Stampin' Up! 1990 - 2007

Thursday, 16 August 2007

More Mini Album Pages

'Because I am 4, there are many advantages, like standing very close in quoits'
Stampin' Write Markers are very useful when you only wish to ink a portion of a stamp. The word 'because' was taken from the 'Just Because' stamp from the Simple Sayings 11 Stamp Set.
Images © Stampin' Up! 1990-2007

'Because I am 4, I want to do everything just like my dad'

Decorating a tag is an excellent way to vary design features and accents in your pages. Tags are a fun way to experiment with different ideas and techniques.

Images © Stampin' Up! 1990-2007

'Because I am 4, Life is a Beach'

Try cutting out letters with the convex square punch. This is a really easy way to put your letters where you want them. Adhering these letters with Stampin' Dimensions adds depth and texture to your page.

Images © Stampin' Up! 1990-2007

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

The Mini Album Tour Begins

'Because I am 4,
I am happy having more candles than my age'
This is the first double page of my mini album. Expect to see alphabet stamps used throughout the album. Alphabet Stamps are an excellent way to add titles and journalling because you never run out of popular letters and you can colour coordinate the letters.
Images © Stampin' Up! 1990-2007

'Because I am 4, I am big and tough and small and gentle'

This mini album is 8 x 8 inches in size and you will be beginning to see a formula emerge. Having a structure or formula for your mini album will not only tie the project together, but will also make it easier to complete. My basic furmula for the layout was to start with a 'basic black' mat of 8 x 8 inches and also 2 central mats cut from 'Confetti White' ans 'Going Gray'. I then added one colour that complimented the photograph, between the black and the two central mats.

Images © Stampin' Up! 1990-2007

'Because I am 4,
I'm not old enough to know how lucky I am to be Australian'

Stamps are also a great way to add elements, such as the stars, that tie in with the photograph. You will also be noticing another theme running through the album, which is the use of the new Spiral Punch from the Spring Mini Catalogue. It is wonderful and so easy to use, creating an interesting visual border.
Images © Stampin' Up! 1990-2007

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

'Mini Themed Scrapbooking Album' Series

Well I am back after being struck down with the dreaded flu. However, I have not been totally inactive whilst recovering, keeping busy working on a special album for my son Benjamin, who recently had his 5th birthday. I love scrapbooking, however, I often hear how people are dismayed that it is a never ending task that they never seem to get finished and it is just something else they stress about because they are falling behind. The answer to this problem is to make mini albums by concentrating on chunks of time, events or themes. This way you have the satisfaction of completing a defined project. Making a 'mini themed album' also encourages you to use only the most relevant photographs - there is after all, no need to scrapbook every photograph that you take! Over the next 2 weeks I will take you on a tour of this album, sharing tips and techniques about how you can make your own album.