Monday, 1 February 2010

'Double Duty' Kitchen Tools - Well Maybe!

I actively encourage my children to use my Stampin' Up! tools and materials, however, sometimes the line in the sand moves a little too far! My 10 year old daughter, Nicole, loves to bake and believe me, this is great help with 4 children constantly looking for lunchbox treats! I was very impressed when she created these bumblebee cakes, using the wide oval punch to create bee wings from acetate. Thankfully she did have the foresight to put the wings in after baking! Can you just imagine the alternative....Anyway, you may notice in the background of the photo I had to steel myself not to explode when my felt flowers were used to decorate cake tops! Argggh. Luckily for Nicole, these were all salvageable after the event - of course Nicole would have us believing that that was the plan all along! Hmmmm.