Thursday, 3 September 2009

Stampin' Up! Incentive Trip

Yes, I was one of 31 lucky demonstrators from Australia and New Zealand to earn the 2009 Incentive Trip to Noosa - right here in my backyard! I guess I am about the last of the achieving demonstrators to post this event onto my blog, so many apologies for that. We had a fabulous time, however, you can imagine the work that went into my husband and I leaving 4 children for 5 days as well as the catching up afterwards. This of course would not have been possible without the irreplaceable, wonderful and kind Godmother to our children, Bronwyn. Bronwyn drove up from Sydney to care for 4 children aged 7 through to 12 - she is an Angel and Superhero. The photos I am posting are a small collection of my personal snaps and I have just noticed that other demonstrators have shared some more on line - never-mind, I have already collaged these and really I must just get on and put these up before I am lynched or it is simply too late!

Arriving at the Sheraton on Wednesday after lunch, my husband and I felt so strange - even the car trip up felt weird - where were the fights in the back seat & the 'are we there yet' statements? - if you've ever travelled in the car with kids, you'll know what I mean. Highlights of the first day were learning we had an ocean view room, finding a chocolate shop next door, the welcome dinner and our cute 'Tart and Tangy' Apron Gift for our cooking adventure the next day. Also exciting was that not only were Shelli, Sterling, Aaron and Karen there but Dave the VP of Stampin' Up/International Sales was also there with his lovely wife Jennifer on her first Australian trip.

Our first group activity was the following day, which was 'assisting' in preparing our own lunch with the guidance of chefs at Ricki's Restaurant on the Noosa River. Nicki and I were in charge of the pasta machine - between the two of us we had lots of laughs, inadvertently disassembling the machine and almost rolling gloved fingers through the rollers!

We were all divided into different teams, so some were on chocolate truffle duty, whilst the rest of us found their left overs in the kitchen afterwards! Licking the chocolate truffle bowl was certainly more appealing than eating left over uncooked pasta! I just love Robyn's hands! Have you noticed the cutlery - Stampin' Up! detail all the way!

This was my first attempt to have a decent photo taken with Shelli - a virtual impossibility I have discovered after 3 years! I really tried this time - I got that hair straightener out, but 2 hours later the humidity had done its worst and there I was all frizzy again - Leonie, what that new hair product again? I'm desperate! Shelli repositioned me between her and Sterling after this shot, but sadly a full on view was simply not flattering - made sense then that gourmet ice cream followed the make & take, which is where this photo was taken.

The farewell dinner was AMAZING and no one guessed what the evening had in store for us. From the secret destination (Cooroy) to the vintage cars to our final locale (The Plantation), every detail was taken care of. I had another go having a photo with Shelli - honestly we are lucky - in the US demonstrators line up for hours for their photo opportunity. Above I am with Karen Scott and Kim Gavarra and below is Sharon, Robyn and Kim.